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STEEL Arena Košice – From the start of the 2010 season, fans in Steel Arena Košice can watch a live detailed broadcast of the action right above the ice. It is due to a new and stylish videocube that is made out of 4 main panels, 4 side panels and 2 rings above and underneath the main screens.Fans will experience and enjoy the new high quality screen Videocube at the 2011 Ice Hockey World Championship, which will take place in Slovakia.


Realization: 2010

Capacity: 8 378

Modules: Jumbotron, Videoreferee

Web: http://www.steelarena.sk




Multifunctional sport arena Rondo Hall Brno – HC Comet Brno – In 2009 Sports Arena Rondo decided to launch a new management system for their Videocube and replace the old fashioned video referee. Results were evident right from the start of the new season. Our new system enabled easier and more efficient conditions for referees during games, which lifted the overall level and spirit of fair play.


Video Referee proved to be very reliable, easy to use, and lowered demand for personnel. COLOSSEO showed its strength by quickly integrating with the previous version of the managing system. New features and effects brought newfound excitement to fans and woke up Rondo Hall.


Realization: 2009 

Capacity: 7 200

Modules: Videosystem, Jumbotron driver, Videoreferee, Monitoring and telemetry system

Web: http://www.hala-rondo.cz/


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