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With no configuration limitations, highest picture quality and amazing flexibility it is and unparalleled system that suits any TV production situation and any budget.The BCC broadcast case is the ideal tool for live broadcasts or webcasts even in demanding or impossible conditions for any other existing system. The BCC Broadcast Case offers all the features of standard live broadcasting systems plus many new ones at a fraction of their costs.

Extensive miniaturization of components and our advanced software solution allowed to fit the complete system into a compact portable case you can take anywhere. It is the ideal tool for production of live broadcasts or webcasts even in demanding or impossible conditions for any other existing system.The BCC Broadcast Case utilizes the most innovative video/audio codecs to minimize bandwidth requirements and delivers superb video and audio quality. The BCC Broadcast Case has a built in encoder and it is capable of uploading the final video stream to a streaming server over standard internet connection types like DSL, T1, WiFi or even 3G connections.The system is running on a custom-made PC with our proprietary broadcasting software and fully supports the creation of 3D content in HD quality. Our specially developed editing software is the heart of the system. It's a real powerhouse offering a wide range of features. Very intuitive touch screen user interface and the ease of operation offer greater creative freedom than ever before and make the system every live broadcast directors' dream. The BCC Broadcast Case is also a very powerful video mixer. One system offers up to 8 camera inputs. It easily creates picture-in-picture scenes, adds overlay graphics with the chroma key feature or transparent animations, camera transition effects, instant-replays and slow motion for all cameras. Not to mention that all cameras as well as the edited live broadcasts can be recorded for future post production via ISO recording.


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