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COLOSSEO represents the unique solution of sports equipment control systems arena. COLOSSEO offers the best level of security and comfort for all visitors to sporting or cultural events. Data transfer with HD provides the greatest convenience for the audience and gives them an opportunity to consider even the smallest details of the game from any part of the stadium. High quality graphics with the support of numerous audio and visual effects guarantees a fantastic result for every sports stadium, arena or swimming pool.

Key components:

  • One seamlessly integrated system
  • Low human resources needed
  • Excellent arena entertainment result
  • Cost effective and costs saving system
  • Excellent visual performance
  • Driving atmosphere in the sport arena
  • Compliant with all standards
  • Adaptable and modular system according to your requirements
  • Intelligent managing of all Colosseo subsystems


P.S.P. Colosseo
32 1st Line, V.O.,
St. Peterburg

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