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Face recognition

Face Recognition Solution is a computer application intended for automatic identification and authentification of scanned persons by digital video or digital image. Technology works on comparing of specific facial points and marks with the digital records, what allows the exact identification of given person.

Currently is this system used in many different spheres, especially these ones:

  • sporting events - mainly used for the identification of persons entering sports grounds, giving rise to the possibility of preventing unwanted access to persons and reduce the potential risk. In addition to entry can be automatically selected to monitor the movement of persons throughout the area, thus reducing the safety risk to a minimum.
  • records of employees - to track the movement of staff entering and leaving the workplace in larger companies. It is thus possible to make automatic recording and presence of employees. Also there is the possibility to establish multiple "control points" that allow access only to selected staff in specific departments. It can reduce the costs of monitoring and control workers in the workplace
  • school facilities - there is an excellent opportunity to monitor presence, respectively absence of students in larger schools, especially universities. Face recognition so can save time needed for attendance.
  • airports, bus and train station - are often places of mass movement of people and create more possibilities of uncontrolled movement of undesirable persons on the premises. Through a system of face recognition is thus possible to prevent the entry of such persons, or track their movements in the area, which will increase safety and comfort of all passengers.


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