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Translator technique could be enhanced with new technologies.

LINGUO system represents professional solution for translation training and international conferences. LINGUO is multimedia video and audio  communication platform which creates link between translator and language source. It supports generous 12  language variants or channels at once. During educational process Teacher-director has online access to all translations channels, optimized HD touchscreen interfaced based on years of experience providing him full control of process. Multichannel intercom support private communication towards trainee. All the outputs from translators are encoded and directly streamed on LINGUO network. System architecture gives opportunity to record all the sources, direct accessibility on internet is possible through public IP connection. Records and stream is available for external users on internet. With help of wireless receiving device LINGUO could work as fully autonomous conference system. In moment could be visitors equipped with wireless device enabling them to listen live translation in choosen languages. Wireless connection lower requirements for system infrastructure and could be easily moved to different location


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